Legacy 2005 CCL Boys Make History!

First Legacy Team to Win Back to Back State Championships!

Legacy 2005 CCL Boys Make History!

The 2005 CCL Boys made history this past weekend becoming the first Virginia Legacy team to win back to back state championships!

The team, coming into the tournament as the #1 seed had to defend their 2018 state championship title over four games this spring. They started with a 3-1 victory over SYC in their opening match then played VA Rush in the quarterfinals and with a 4-1 win they moved onto the final four hosted by VYSA in Fredericksburg. The Semi final match was an outstanding game that saw the 2005 Legacy Boys score three goals in four minutes during the first half which propelled them to the final on May 19th. 

The state cup final saw the Legacy boys come up against the Lee Mount Vernon boys in a rematch of a CCL league match up from 3 weeks prior. Like the league match this final was a low scoring endeavor that came down to nearly the last kick of the match. Arvin Picardo received a pass across the top of the 18 yard box with 90 seconds left in the match and buried his strike in the bottom left of the goal for the match winner (final finished 2-1)!

(Goals: Drake Perrin - 33' and Arvin Picardo 69')

"The Legacy 2005 boys played outstandingly well. The success had by this team has been something very fun to watch and be a part of. From training to games this group has improved every single week. To have an opportunity to win back to back state championships is certainly something special - and then to actually go out and seize that opportunity is outstanding, congratulations to the players!" - Paul Membrino Head Coach 05 CCL Boys and Director of Coaching for Virginia Legacy

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