Legacy Spring Tournament Recap

Virginia Legacy Tournament Recap

Many teams in the Virginia Legacy Soccer Club have recently competed in numerous tournaments all across the east coast this winter/spring.  For each team, early spring tournaments serve as building blocks for the season ahead.    Virginia Legacy soccer club competed in several different tournaments this winter/spring season, including: The Jefferson Cup, PWSI Icebreaker, Virginia Beach Spring Classic, Rush Champions Cup, Ultimate Cup, Kickin’ It for Cancer, and the IMG Girls College Showcase in Florida.   

Congratulations to the following teams:

Jefferson Cup
U11 Elite Boys – 1st place group finish

U15 Elite Girls – 2 & 1 group finish

U16 Elite Girls – 2 & 1 group finish

U16 Elite Boys – 2 & 1 group finish


PWSI Icebreaker
U14 Elite Girls – 2nd place

U14 Wizards – 3rd place


Virginia Beach Spring Classic
U10 East End Wizards Red – 2nd place

U11 East end Titans – 1st place


Rush Champions Cup
U14 ISA Phoenix – 2nd place


Ultimate Cup
U10 East End Wizards Red– 2nd place

U14 Elite Girls – 1st place


Kickin’ It For Cancer
U10 ISA Wizards – 2nd place

U12 WMBG Titans – 2nd place

U14 ISA Phoenix – 2nd place


U15 Elite Girls – 3 & 0 group finish

U16 Elite Girls – 2 &1 group finish

U17 Elite Girls – 1 -1 -1 group finish

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