Legacy Teams Post Good Results in VSL

Fall 2015

Legacy Teams Post Good Results in VSL

During this past Fall 2015 season the Virginia Legacy had some great seasons from its Phoenix, Titans, and Wizards teams.  The Legacy would like to thank everyone who has made this season so successful.  A lot of time is put into each player on every team and every minute is made possible by the efforts of our parents, coaches, and of course, the players themselves. 

The Legacy would like to take this time to acknowledge a few of the teams for their exceptional seasons.  This past fall in the Virginia Soccer League, the Virginia Legacy posted three different first place finishers, four who finished narrowly in second, and two of whom rounded out the third place column. The Legacy would like to extend a warm welcome to each ISA team in their first season with the club. Great performance!


 U16 Wizards                                                   U14 Wizards


U15 ISA Titans                                      U15 Titans


Congratulations to these teams who have displayed exceptional form this season:


U12 Titans 5-2-1 (2nd)

U14 Wizards 4-1-3 (2nd)

U14 ISA Titans 5-1-2 (2nd)

U14 Titans 6-1-1 (1st)

U15 ISA Titans 6-1-1 (1st)

U15 Titans 5-1-2 (3rd)

U16 Wizards 3-3-2 (2nd)

U16 Gryphons 7-0-1 (1st)

U18 East End Wizards 3-1-4

U18 Gryphons 3-0-5

U16 Gryphons

Well done to all the Legacy teams this fall.

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