Virginia Legacy Soccer Club

W-JCC Recreational Soccer League

The Virginia Legacy Soccer Club is the largest youth soccer club in Williamsburg and, in a partnership with James City County, started offering Recreational Youth Soccer in the Fall of 2013.  Today, our recreational program is home to over 800 players, girls and boys, ages four to eighteen, of all skill levels participate in one or both seasons in the fall and spring. 

The purpose of recreational soccer is to provide the best experience for all levels of players in a safe, non-competitive, progressive environment.  Players often start at a young age and as they mature, the program is designed to offer more challenges and developmental opportunities. Some players may choose to move into one of our more skill-focused, competitive programs such as our Advanced Development Program (ADP) for 5 – 9 year olds, or our travel program for U10 and above, but the majority of our players continue in our recreational program and enjoy a long and rewarding soccer career. 

Coached by volunteers, recreational teams play all games at the Warhill Sports Complex, one of the top soccer facilities in the state. Depending on the age group, players can have up to two practices a week in addition to a game on Saturday.  All players are required to wear shin guards and proper footwear, and players receive a team jersey each season as part of the registration fee.  

There is plenty to learn in our progressive recreational program.  Our youngest players start with fewer players on the field, a smaller ball, no goalkeepers and coaches right out on the field guiding them as they go.  As the players mature, the elements of the game change.  Field size, number of players and ball size gradually increase, and we see the addition of goalies and finally referees are added to the mix.  This progressive process is designed in an age-appropriate manner that grows with the child. 

The Virginia Legacy welcomes children of all skill levels and abilities to play in our recreational program.  We believe that soccer provides a great vehicle to learn life’s many lessons.  Through the game kids stay fit, learn how to be part of a team and meet new friends, but they also build their confidence, communication skills and ability to meet and solve new challenges.  

On each Monday during the season, Legacy directors conduct a clinic for each age group. These clinics are an hour long and are provided to enhance the soccer experience. All clinics are developed alongside the Legacy youth curriculum and geared towards fun and engagement.

All teams are created as competitively fair as possible.  Teams are formed by nights you are available, and by school you attend, so all players have the opportunity to play with their friends.

Legacy Fall 2019 Recreational Soccer

 Start of Practices - COMING SOON 

$60 ($5 Discount per additional child)


Games Begin TBA


Program Highlights

Each player has the opportunity to practice twice a week (Optional Monday Clinic) with games every Saturday. All players will receive a soccer gift, end of season medal, two game jerseys, and a Carnival/Event to end the season.

Developmental & Fun

The Virginia Legacy recreational soccer program provides weekly soccer clinics on Monday throughout the season. These clinics are an hour long and are provided to enhance the soccer experience. All clinics are developed alongside the Legacy youth curriculum and geared towards fun and engagement.

General Information

The Williamsburg-James City County (W-JCC) Recreational Soccer League is presented by the Virginia Legacy Soccer Club and is designed to be fun and educational. We offer officiated games, but we do not keep standings. The focus is to provide a healthy, fun, and instructional environment for children interested in playing soccer. Each child will play a minimum of half a game. 






The program is available to all boys and girls ages 4-18 of all abilities and experience levels.



Beginning the week of TBA  – each team will practice once per week in the evening depending on the coach and field location. Players in the youngest division (U6) will practice and play a game on Saturdays only. Every Monday, additional (Optional) training is offered for players of all ages. Extra training is provided at clinics breaking the kids up in proper age groups anf train for an hour. These clinics are ran by Virginia Legacy Assistant Youth Director Kendal Pressey. 


Team Formation:

Players will be assigned to teams based primarily on neighborhood school districts. This will bring together friends and classmates to increase FUN and aid with carpooling. Please understand that this may not be possible with all placements due to the number of players, coach availability, or practice night conflicts. The W-JCC/Legacy Recreational Youth Soccer League will also continue to provide both co-ed and girls-only leagues, if numbers are applicable.


League Benefits:

- Full Time Licensed League Director

- Fall/Spring Soccer Gifts & End of Season Medals

- Uniform Shirt

- Free weekly Monday clinics (Optional extra practice per week)

- End of Season Carnival/Event for Fall and Spring