Success for the Legacy at the Virginia Cup

Two Champions and Six Finalists!

Over the Labor Day weekend, 22 Virginia Legacy teams participated in the Virginia Cup, a combination of the Williamsburg Cup, and the Richmond Cup.  We are very proud to report that our players represented the VLSC well through their outstanding play and exemplary sportsmanship.  Two Legacy teams, the U12 Wizards and the U13 Phoenix, were crowned champions while six teams, the U18 Titans, U17 Wizards, U14 Phoenix, U12 East End Wizards, U12 East End Titans, and the U11 East End Wizards, took 2nd place.  We’d also like to make a shout out to the U18 Phoenix, U17 Titans, U16 Titans Red, U16 Titans Black, U15 Phoenix, U14 Titans, U14 Wizards, U13 Wizards, U12 Titans, U11 Phoenix, U11 Wizards, U10 Phoenix, U10 East End Phoenix, U10 East End Wizards, U10 Wizards, and the U10 East End Titans for all their hard work and great play throughout the tournament!  

Check out these photos of our teams from the weekend!

U11 Wizards

U13 Phoenix - Tournament Champions!

U14 Wizards

U10 Phoenix - Tournament Semi-Finalists!

U11 East End Wizards - Tournament Finalists!

U18 Titans - Tournament Finalists!

U12 Wizards - Tournament Champions!

U17 Wizards - Tournament Finalists!

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