Virginia Legacy Soccer Club

Legacy 76 NPSL Reserves/CCL Pro 23

Legacy 76 Reserves 
The 76 Reserves is comprised of the best current U16-U19 players in the club as well as college players from around the area and will compete in the CCL Pro 23 league this summer.  With the NPSL Sr. Legacy 76 participating this summer -  these two teams gives us the opportunity to extend our player development model and will give some of the reserve players the opportunity to train at the highest level.  We will create an environment that will foster the VLSC competitive spirit, as Reserve players will have the opportunity to train with NPSL First Team. 

In addition to this environment our Academy players will now have the opportunity to play against some of the best talent around the state this summer, as they will be playing other teams from the CCL Pro 23 League
The Reserve Team will consist of 18-22 players. This group will train continuously over May,June, July to stay in soccer form over the summer break.   They will train 2-3 times a week and will learn to develop the mental and physical abilities needed to succeed at the highest level.  

Training Dates :
May, June, July - training mimics - 1st Team Schedule

Training will take place at Warhill Sports Complex Turf

Game Dates:



The cost of the program is $150

· Training 2-3 times a week for late May, June and July and Early August 
· CCL Pro 23 League Matches
· Training Top