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Coaching Staff

The Virginia Legacy Soccer Club coaching staff is comprised of coaches from a variety of backgrounds.  From nationally licensed coaches to former collegiate and professional soccer players our coaches are dedicated to putting player development at the forefront of your child and our clubs success. Click here for the current 2023/24 Coaching Staff and Bios.

Club Philosophy

The Virginia Legacy has spent a lot of time developing a player centric philosophy and age group curriculum.  All players, coaches, parents and newcomers to the club are encouraged to read what the Virginia Legacy is all about and how we go about developing players, the club and teams.

Developmental Philosophy
Players Roles and Responsibilities

Boys Pathway/Philosophy

U6 - U8 Player Curriculum
U9-U12 Player Curriculum

U13-U14 Player Curriculum
U15-U19 Player Curriculum

Playing Levels

The Virginia Legacy Soccer Club will provide teams in 2 areas/communities across the Peninsula in 2023/24. The top players in each age group across all communities will come together to make up the Legacy Elite team at the U11-U19 age groups for boys. These Elite teams will participate in the ECNL Regional League at U11 and U12 and will play in the newly formed Virginia NPL for U13-19.  For the next level of players at the U11-U19 age groups - we will combine the next best players while trying to maintain a certain community "home base" based on the rosters and coaches. These teams will also play in the Virginia NPL - but may play in lower divisions within the league.  These teams will be placed in divisions appropriate for their development regardless of the team name.

See Below for more descriptions of Legacy Elite (ECNL Regional League) and the VPSL - NPL (Virginia Premier Soccer League)

At U9/10 - all players are suggested to play in their home communities and not travel across - to limit travel for practices and games.

At U11 - U13 The Wizards boys teams are declared Peninsula or Williamsburg to provide help with training locations and logistics.  The U11-13 Elite teams are formed with players from all communities.

At U14 - U19 All teams are tiered.  Teams are called Elite, Wizards Green or Wizards Black. These teams will train across communities based on coaches and roster makeup.  Teams will be formed based on ability and they will play in the Virginia NPL

Team Designations:
Williamsburg Wizards - Practice and Game Locations Primarily in Williamsburg Area
Peninsula Wizards - Practice and Game Locations Primarily in Newport News, York and Peninsula Locations
Wizards - Practice and Game Locations Vary based on Coach and Roster at each age group - while trying to maintain a community base
Legacy Elite - Practice and Game Locations Vary based on Coach and Roster at each age group

Legacy Elite Level Travel Teams (All Communities combined) (Ages 11-19)
All Legacy Elite teams train 3 times per week with their team. The goal of the Virginia Legacy Soccer Club is to provide a meaningful competition environment for the Club’s U11-19 travel players through a customized schedule of League, State Cup, Tournament and competitive Friendly matches. The U11, U12  Legacy Elite teams will participate in the ECNL Regional League.  All other Elite boys teams U13-U19 will participate in the new VPSL - National Premier League (NPL) - in a team based league.
Wizards Level Travel Teams: 
U10 to U12 Boys - Williamsburg Wizards / Peninsula Wizards (NPL Division 1/2/3)
U13 to U19 Boys - Wizards (NPL Division 2/3)
Legacy Wizards Boys Travel teams will play in a competitive environment in the new Virginia NPL. The NPL provides exceptional regionalized competition from Virginia Beach, Richmond and all areas in between.  All Legacy Wizards (U11-19) teams train at least three times per week, and training is often integrated between other teams to allow for constant observation and evaluation of all players in the age group pool. The goal of the Virginia Legacy Soccer Club is to provide a meaningful competition environment for the Club’s U10 – U19 travel players through a customized schedule of League,  Tournament and competitive Friendly matches. These teams will be primarily community based and practice/game locations will be dictated by the rosters and coaching staff assigned to these teams.  
Leagues / Games / Tournaments:


  • Wizards (Boys)

U9 Wizards - Tidewater Advanced Soccer League - https://tasli.org
U10-19 Wizards – Virginia NPL (7-10 games per season) 

  • Elite - Boys

U11, U12-  ECNL Regional League - www.vapremierleague.com
U13 - U18 Elite will compete in the VPSL, NPL Division 1 -  for a chance to advance to regional and national competitions.


The Club’s Technical Staff will look at the needs of each team and the players on that team, and select tournaments that will help the players achieve their developmental and college soccer goals. Tournament schedules will be custom designed for each team to give competitive and meaningful games, and an environment in which they can best showcase their talents.

(7 – 20 games participating in 2 – 6 State, Regional and National level tournaments; # of tournaments are based on team level selected to)




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