What It Takes to Succeed

An Interview With Mikhail Johnson

Current Legacy player, Mikhail Johnson, has enjoyed a tremendous amount of success during her soccer career.  She currently plays on the 98' Region ODP Team, which has allowed her to participate in tournaments all over the world.  Recently, we caught up with Mikhail and asked her some questions about her soccer career.

Ryan: Who has had the most influence over you as a soccer player?

Mikhail: Johnny Kamara. He taught me at a young age the importance of a hard work ethic, discipline, and focus. You play like you train, so it is important to train hard. If you don't take practice seriously you won't succeed, period. Take every drill seriously and put forth the most effort. You get out what you put in.

Ryan: How do you balance school, having a social life, hobbies, ect along with playing soccer?

Mikhail: Of course school is my number one priority. Academics come before everything else. My parents agree to support me in soccer in any ways possible as long as I maintain my grades. It is very difficult to balance a social life with soccer, academics, and after school activities or clubs. I miss lots of social events for soccer or to stay in a night and study for a big test. Don't get me wrong, I still get to hang out with my school friends it's just not every Friday night. and I always have my soccer friends. You have to know where your goals and priorities lie in order to excel in anything.  I have aspirations for being on the women's national team some day.  Everyday of training gets me closer to a goal and everyday missed is a day that pulls me further away from my goal.

Ryan: What has been your favorite moment as a Legacy so far?

Mikhail: My favorite moment as a older player was when I realized how much support I had from Legacy when preparing for big events or at big events. I have been very fortunate to be surrounded by such good people.

Ryan: What would like to accomplish as a soccer player by the time you're 21?

Mikhail: I want to get an academic or sports scholarship to a division I school. I most definitely want to play in college. My ultimate dream is to play with the US National team.

Ryan: What advice would you give a younger player who wants to follow a similiar path that you've taken in your soccer career?

Mikhail: I would tell them hard work and dedication pays off.  A high work rate can get you very far.  Your aspirations dictate how to set your goals.  Try to remember it's a process and it doesn't come over night.  Keep at it and whenever possible surrounded yourself with good competition.  That could be ODP, practicing with the boys, or just an older age group it helps advance you to the next level.

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