Winning Mindsets

Presented by Dr. Dan Freigang - 1/28/15 - Forbes Lecture Hall - CNU - 7-8:30pm

Winning Mindsets
By Dr. Dan Freigang

Please join Dr. Dan Freigang at Forbes Lecture Hall on the campus of CNU, Wednesday January 28th from 7:00pm-8:30pm for the opportunity to hear the impactful lecture "Winning Mindsets."

What does Clint Dempsey from our US men’s national team have in common with Lindsay Vonn our great American Ski champion?  What qualities does Sidney Crosby the NHL cup champion have in common with Steve Jobs, the inventor of the IPOD?   In this session we will explore how winning Mindsets characterize successful people.  We will identify how champions deal with adversity and utilize their greatest asset...their brain. How do you stay motivated, confident when you need it most. How do champions learn to handle fear?  Come and learn about the mental side of sport.

Dan is a well published author on periodization of mental training, self-confidence and game preparation. His seminal research integrating technical training with psychological elements have become a standard for many professional teams. Dan is a unique blend of coach/scientist who clients include an extensive list of teams and players from United States National Teams, NHL, NBA, MLS, NCAA and Bundesliga.   

Dan Freigang Ph.D. is a sport scientist working with the U.S.S.F. in Sport Psychology. Dan was an international athlete and national team coach and he presents his workshops as a unique blend of scientist and coach. He is a former Olympic Swimmer and has been the sports Psychologist for many professional teams including the US National Ski team at the past Olympics.  For those that have never heard him speak – you need to take this opportunity to do so!

This lecture is free and available to all the Legacy Travel families and Legacy Staff/Coaches

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