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What is “ADP”?

“ADP” is our Advanced Development Program. It is for players U6-U10 who are looking for a bit more than what our recreational program can offer. Normally there will be a split in the group where U6/U7 players will train together while the U8/9/10 players will train together. This is all dependent upon number of players per session and number of staff per session and training location.

How do ADP and Recreational differ?

ADP players will train twice a week as opposed to once, and will be coached by our professional staff, all of whom have licensure from US Soccer or the NSCAA. All Advanced Development Program coaches are paid professionals, who have been trained in, and are familiar with Virginia Legacy's ADP curriculum. Game days will be structured a bit differently as well to ensure maximum player development in a fun structured environment.

What will training be like? Is there anything I am required to bring?

Each training session is carefully planned and drawn out for our coaches. Each location will be working off of the same sessions each week, ensuring our players all receive the same information and coaching points. All ADP coaches have access to the ADP curriculum set forth by the ADP Director Alex Spirn

You must bring the following to every training session:


How are ADP games days structured?

We have two separate groups for game days in the ADP. Here is the breakdown:

U6/U7: Will play in a structured, round robin-esque game day. Teams will be created the day of the game. Each team will play 3 (10 min) games.Teams will change each weekend – sometimes within kids in your community and sometimes paired with kids from the other ADP site groups.  They will play 4v4 with no GK.  They will come to game days at the same time each week for consistency.

U8/U9: Will play in a structured - league against other U8/9 ADP teams from Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Newport News. Our U8/U9 league is one of the only U8/U9 leagues on the peninsula dedicated to the development of players with the purpose of preparing the players for Travel Soccer. They will play with the same team and teammates each week. U8/U9 will play 7v7 (6 field players and a GK).

Each game day our coaching staff will be at the fields and will reinforce the topic of the week, whether that is dribbling, passing, shooting, etc…

Why aren’t the U6/U7 players playing on teams like the U8/U9 players?

Our younger ages of the ADP are at a very important stage for development and interest in soccer. By letting them explore the game at their own pace, with new teammates each week it will help their development not only on the soccer field but also in a social aspect.

Where are the locations we ADP trains? 

Legacy ADP reaches to two different locations on the Peninsula right now. We wanted to make sure we were able to tie into each location and their neighborhoods to create a tight knit atmosphere while showcasing the Legacy’s reach in Youth Soccer in the area. Currently we have ADP programs in Newport News and Williamsburg.

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