ADP Game Experience Information

ADP games will be organized differently depending upon the player's age group.

U6/U7: 2017 & 2016 (Birth Years)
Games will be held each Saturday during the season from 9:00-10:00AM.

All available players during game days will be organized into teams on game day. Each team should expect to play  4 small sided games each weekend. Each game will last approximately 10 minutes, then players will rotate with their teams to play a new team.   At these early ages, we enjoy to mix the group frequently, in order to give an equal opportunity at success and challenge for each player.  Winning and/or losing too much can be detrimental to the developmental process and enjoyment of the sport.

Players in this age group will be free to explore soccer on their own with new teammates each week. Our professional staff coaches, who players see each week at training will be there to coordinate, and reinforce the coaching points and topics of each week, as well as coach from on the field each game.

** As this program’s overarching goal is to provide a path to success, individually tailored to each player and their personal goals, younger players may be promoted to the older group to increase the challenge level.  These situations are director initiated and approved.

U8/U9/U10: 2015 | 2014 | 2013 (Birth Years)
Game Schedule and Locations change from season to season. As well, each team is subject to play at a different game time each weekend determined by the schedule issued at the beginning of the season.  Games are typically scheduled between 10:15AM and 1:00PM.

Players in our U9/U10 age groups will be placed on specific teams that they will stay with, and play their games with all season. This will be a much more structured league on Saturdays in order to prepare them for travel soccer and tryouts at the end of their U9 and U10 playing season. 

One of the greatest things about the Legacy ADP is the pool of players and competitive level of the program.  Our pool of players spans across the peninsula and in appreciation of each location, we try to schedule home games for each location throughout the year and to give the first “feel” of being on a travel/selected team for the players.


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