Virginia Legacy Soccer Club

Goalkeeping Program 2024/25

Virginia Legacy Goalkeeper Training Program


James Flynn - Legacy Soccer Goalkeeping Director


Youth Experience – Gloucester High School, Virginia Legacy Soccer
College Experience – Ferrum College, VCU Men's Club, Club Athletico Paranaense Youth Academy and Universidad de Alicante.

Coaching Experience – Gloucester High, Richmond Kickers, Dynamo Soccer and currently Bruton HS – Where he was named Region 2A Coach of the Year. 

Licensing – US Soccer D License, C License – Spring 2024


More about the Flynn Goalkeeping Academy Curriculum


Strengthening the Goalkeeping Foundation
June 14    U9-U12 5:30-7:00, U13+ 7:00-8:30     
June 15& 16   U9-U12 8:0-9:30, U13+ 9:30-11:00

Welcome to 'Strengthening the Goalkeeping Foundation,' where the art of goalkeeping is honed to perfection. Our camp is not just about making saves; it's about building a solid foundation that withstands the pressures of gameday. Led by seasoned goalkeeping expert, Coach James Flynn,  this intensive training program is designed to fortify the skills, techniques, and mental resilience essential for success between the sticks.

Through a blend of rigorous drills, tactical analysis, and personalized coaching, goalkeepers of all levels will elevate their game. We also delve into the psychology of goalkeeping, fostering mental toughness, decision-making under pressure, and leadership on the pitch. Our holistic approach ensures that every goalkeeper leaves not only with technical ability but also a mentality fortified to face any challenges on and off the field.

Join us and embark on a journey of growth, excellence, and mastery. Whether you're a budding talent or a seasoned veteran, 'Strengthening the Goalkeeping Foundation' is where champions are forged.


Shot Stopping & 1v1's Camp

July 29-Aug 2 

U9-U12 5:30-7:00

U13+ 7:00-8:30

'Welcome to 'Shot Stopping & 1v1s,' the ultimate destination for goalkeepers looking to master the art of shot-stopping and dominate 1v1 situations on the field. This specialized training camp is meticulously crafted to refine the key skills necessary to excel between the sticks, focusing on the critical moments that can turn the tide of a match.

Led by top-tier goalkeeper coach, Coach James FLynn, with years of experience. We offer a dynamic and immersive learning environment. Goalkeepers of all levels will be pushed to their limits through a series of intensive drills, tailored exercises, and scenario-based simulations designed to replicate real-game scenarios.

Our expert coaches will provide personalized feedback and guidance, ensuring that each goalkeeper maximizes their potential and hones their unique strengths. We will focus on mastering the delicate art of 1v1 duels, where split-second decisions can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Goalkeepers will learn to command their box with confidence.

The Collegiate Goalkeeper
Aug 16 7:00-8:30

Aug 17 & 18 8:00-9:30

"Welcome to 'The Collegiate Goalkeeper,' where aspiring goalkeepers transform into collegiate-level athletes ready to excel on the competitive soccer stage. This specialized training camp is tailored for young goalkeeping talents aiming to secure spots in collegiate soccer programs, providing the essential skills, and knowledge needed to thrive at the next level.

Led by Coach James Flynn, who has firsthand experience in collegiate soccer, 'The Collegiate Goalkeeper' offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to prepare goalkeepers for the rigors of collegiate play. From mastering advanced shot-stopping techniques to commanding the box with authority, key aspects of the collegiate goalkeeper will be meticulously addressed.

Join us at 'The Collegiate Goalkeeper' and take the first step towards your collegiate soccer journey. Whether you're a high school standout eyeing a collegiate career or an ambitious goalkeeper looking to elevate your game, our camp is where collegiate dreams become reality."



Amber Ox

Amber Ox